The Advantage of Dogs Harness - Read These 7 Tips

It is necessary to keep your dog on a leash when you take him out for a walk. Many owners simply opt for a collar as the simplest and time-tested way to keep a dog under restraint. The collar may have its advantages, but using it also shows that you are not considerate and humane enough. The collar puts a restraint on his neck and throat and restricts breathing. He simply feels uncomfortable. If he lunges, then there is a risk of the collar harming him. Dogs can suffer injuries to the neck and spinal cord when you put a collar on them. There is a better option to show you truly love your pooch. It is the harness. A typical harness may be made of leather or fabric comprising of two belts that go around the chest, between the forelegs and along the line of the spine. The leash attaches to a point on the shoulder. It is more comfortable and the harness also has several advantages.


1. Keep your dog better secured

A collar can work loose or you may leave it loose and the dog may find a way to wriggle out of it. With a dog harness securely around his body, he simply cannot free himself. You do not have to worry that he will break free and be vulnerable to accidents in public places.

2. Better control

Use a nylon mesh dog harness made of mesh and cloth if you want your dog to feel comfortable in it. If he is a large and strong dog you will find that the harness gives you better control over him. If your dog is small and delicate then the harness distributes pressure away from the neck to the body.

3. Avert injuries to trachea and neck

The bark collars can make life hell for your pooch by inflicting damages to the trachea and neck. A collar, however, soft and comfortable it is, can and does exert pressure on the windpipe and the trachea. It can be intensely uncomfortable and distressing for the dog. He may cough and wheeze. His windpipe weakens and he could become ill. Harnesses are designed to distribute load and pressure. Even if he gives a sudden pull there are no chances of damage to the neck, spinal cord and trachea.


4. Prevent bulging eyes

Pressure exerted by collars can result in ocular proptosis, a condition in which the eyeballs seem to bulge. This is caused by the pressure of the collar and it can be a critical situation affecting his vision. Use a harness and your dog will never have to experience this situation. By the way, you must know that bulging eyes is something that happens to pugs more than you can expect!

5. Communicate better

You can buy leather or fabric harnesses with two point connections, one on the back and one at the front. You can use two leashes, each one indicating you need the dog to react in a different way. The communication between you and your dog will improves.

6.  Avoid entanglement

Playful puppies on a collar and leash can run circles around you and entangle your legs. You could trip and sustain injuries. When the leash is attached to the topside of the harness there is no risk.

7. Easier to train

Dogs have feelings too. You would not like to wear a collar would you? So why should your dog take to it? Harnesses are easier for him to accept. If you are training him the harness makes your job easy. He is happy. You are happy. Everyone is! Just get the right harness from the right online store.